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Benchmarks assists Sedex in the 2018 Guangzhou Annual Conference

We are delighted to announce the Sedex China Responsible Supply Chain Conference taking place on May 15th, 2018 in Guangzhou, China. On day two of the event we will host a training session on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).which is the largest a- nnual gathering, bringing together hundreds of Sedex members from across the globe, as well as various industries and leaders in the field of sustainable development to meet face-to-face, share ideas and learn about the issues that matter to every responsible bu- siness. To ensure our members in the Asia Pacific region have a localized event, we ho- ld a responsible supply chain conference in China every year. Sedex Annual Conference Schedule and Topic as below :
May 15th: "Green and Sustainable Supply Chain".
May 16th: CSR Training on SMETA 6.0

As one of the members of the Sedex stakeholder Forum (SSF), we are one of the major audit firms to perform SMETA audits, and we have also been fortunate to participate in the 2018 Sedex China negative supply chain conference as a sponsor of the Guangzhou annual meeting.

Benchmarks Co. Ltd established in Hong Kong since year of 1993, which is the primary and accredited 3rd party audit firms by ICTI Care program from 2003, to provide the global, lea- ding and professional 3rd party services, including Social Compliance Audit, Quality Manag- ement Audit, C-TPAT, Quality Inspection, and some EHS training course, such as Supplier Capability Build Training, and also provide ISO Certificate programs. And Benchmarks Co. Ltd is also one of SFF member firm of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), to conduct the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) as a accredited 3rd party in China, meanwhile, also join the formal member of APSCA in 2017, and our SM- ETA report is qualified and accepted by the supermarket of Wal-Mart. Our concept of cooperation is helping the brand stakeholders, traders, suppliers and other stakeholders to cooperate and share strong cooperation in the supply chain audit process. We are committed to solving practical problems with customers, and providing personaliz- ed services to customers according to their special standards’. And already provide related COC audits services in Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America to our global retailers, which including apple, Amazon and other European and American brand buyers, and set up long term cooperation.

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