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Sedex is named of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, a non-profit organization based in London, UK, to provide a report format for ethical trade audits that could more easily be shared and to give greater transparency into auditor qualifications and practices.and has a network data platform designed to help other stakeholders, such as global brands, suppliers, traders, and other stakeholders to public their business scope, and participated in SEDEX members' ethical management audit (SMETA) to ensure that their operation meets the requirements of relevant ethi- cal standards. The results of the audit can be approved and shared by all SEDEX members. The creation of Sedex is designed to achieve the following two objectives: To reduce the burden on suppliers who have received multiple audits in the past, and also improve the standard of labor in the workplace.

On site Audit Process 1.pening meeting 2.Document review 3.Factory tour 4.Worker interviews 5.Pre-closing meeting 6.Closing meeting

Benchmarks Co. Ltd was join with Sedex as SSF member in 2015, and we have a large number of experienced auditors who are familiar with local language, culture, law and social affairs in the country and part of South East Asia provide our audit team with more professional, more efficient audit services for factories, brands, and traders.

For the SEDEX audit project, Wal-Mart emphasizes that they only accept the SMETA audit report issued by the audit company with APSCA membership, glad to announce that and we joined the APSCA members in 2017 as a fair line of Wal-Mart approved SMETA audits. For our notary bank, there is another responsibility to help and assist brand dealers, traders and factories to optimize the supply chain procurement plan, improve the condition of the workers in the supply chain, and optimize the supplier responsibility.

If you want to know more information about more SEDEX-SMETA audit projects, such as reviewing the application process and auditing contents, please contact us.

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