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BRC Global Standard-Consumer Goods has renewed for Version 4.0, Lets’ see what changes?

What is BRC? The BEC, short for the British Retail Consortium, is made up of a number of large department stores, trading companies and retail chains. However, it is still common for foreign brands to form strategic alliances. In response to the "Food safety" released by the British in the 90s, reflect the safety responsibility of retailers. The BRC has published first version food safety standard in 1998 named “The BRC Food Technical Standard” which is used to evaluate the safety of the Food retailers for own brand, and now a lot of ISO Standard is derived from the British standard, such as BRC, as we all know the British are more rigorous, careful to make the global food standard developed.

What are the changes to the updated version 4.0 of BRC- consumer goods?

BRC - Consumer goods standard published the 1.0 version in 2003, and 2.0 version was amended in 2008, launched the 3.0 version in 2010. And then, on Nov. 1, 2016, the BRC Global Standards released the 4.0 version of the Standard based on the international recognition of the BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products.
4.0 standards will replace of all the old version of 3.0 from May 1st of 2017.

The BRC global consumer goods standard of Version 4.0 has undergone significant changes in the required structure to reflect the needs of the consumer goods market. The new standards consist of two new sets of standards for “Personal Care and Household” and “General Merchandise”. Each set of standards consists of requirements to support basic and advanced certification.

Personal care and household type covers the formulation and processing products, due to the nature of the product and use, health requirements for such products are generally higher, such products including cosmetics, medical apparatus and instruments, diapers, food packaging and household cleaners.

General Merchandise mainly covers a variety of processing products, and the production process management of such products should ensure the safety and quality of products. Such products include electrical equipment, toys, furniture, textiles and jewelry.

In summary, we will discuss the following three aspects to check the difference of the Version 4.0 and Version 3.0.:

Change 1: The Product Category changes

Consumer goods which covers many different product items and scope, and here which we mentioned consumer product which means the goods be sold to consumers of none- food products (excluding drugs, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements).

In Version 3.0, BRC has divided all the general products, such as our common household electrical appliances, daily chemical products, handicrafts, furniture, supplies, etc. to separate with 3 different categories, according to the product of the laws and regulations level and the risk of the product to the consumer level of consumer goods.

But In version 4.0 standard, BRC updated the new method to indicate all consumer how to Know the correct product categories, and also listed all 21 categories of the products which are belong to Personal Care or General Products.

Change 2: The classification of certification levels has changed

Let’s make the Personal Care & Household products as the sample, for past result which are only covers to “Basic Clause” and “Senior Clause”, but in the updated standard, which changed to “Basic Certificate” and “Senior Certificate”, And for Basic certification which only have the result for pass and failed, but Senior certification which divided to AA、A、B、C、D, 5 levels, and each level were limited for 12 month to the re-audit .

Change 3: The changes of articles structural The article structural which changes a lot from the old version of the standard, Version 3 has eight chapters, but for version 4.0 which is seven chapters, most of the terms of the corresponding contents have also changed, namely the same procedure described the requirements of clause position and some adjustment (either split or consolidation), to find out the differences, also not easy, in general, the new terms and content more reasonable layout, specific differences.

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