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Wal-Mart officially accept Sedex with SMETA report

Walmart's review of the New Deal has been settled. Walmart has officially announced that it will formally accept the eight major tests or confirmations from August 1, 2017, including SMETA's standard audits.

For the SMETA audit, Walmart once determined that it only accepted the audit reports of its designated seven audit companies. At present, Walmart has further updated the scope of its approved auditing com- pany to an auditing company with APSCA member qualifications. In other words, only the SMETA audit report issued by an auditing com- pany with APSCA member qualifications can be accepted by Walmart.

For details, please refer to the Supper Aid Guide published on Walmart's official website. Links are as follows:

Here, as a member of the APSCA, the SMETA audit report issued by Benchmarks will be approved by Walmart, which is a great news for both Benchmarks and Benchmarks customers.

At present, Benchmarks's SMETA audit has been accepted by many internationally renowned brands including Walmart. The development and progress of Benchmarks has benefited from the trust and support of our customers and friends. We will continue to strive to improve the quality of our services and provide customers with better auditing and certification services.

About APSCA is an abbreviation for Association of Development Society Society Organizations. The APSCA organization aims to strengthen the professionalism, consistency, and reliability of social responsibility auditors and institutions, and promotes the use of independent social responsibility audits as one of the tools to improve the working conditions of workers worldwide. The APSCA certification process will ensure that social responsibility auditors have unified training, education, background checks, and capabilities, and these elements are also standard requirements for professional auditing agencies. Many well-known retailers and brands have high expectations for the role of APSCA in the future standardization of the auditor's ability and integrity of the auditing agency.

SMETA(abbreviation for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is one of the most widely used business ethics auditing formats in the world. The development and maintenance of SMETA was completed by the Sedex Stakeholders Forum(SSF), and BENCH MARKS is also a member of SSF. SMETA is an audit process for the compilation of best practices in business ethics auditing techniques. SMETA is not a code of conduct, new methodology or certification process. She can reduce the repetition of business ethics and trade audits to the benefit of retailers, consumer brand makers and suppliers. Suppliers can use SMETA to perform business ethics audits and share them with a large number of customers instead of providing different audits for each customer.

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